Artichoke Garlic Herb

This is our signature bread-- Take whole roasted and seasoned Artichoke quarters and hand-roll them into the Garlic Herb French dough, and you get our Garlic Herb Artichoke Bread. Each loaf of bread contains the equivalent of 2-4 small-to-midsized artichoke hearts, cut into quarters! You won't find anything like this anywhere! A very popular loaf.
Serving Idea: Fry 3 cloves of fresh garlic in butter, salt to taste and use as a bread dip. Also great with our Bread Dippers or dunked in an olive oil/balsamic vinegar mix.

Ingredients: Enriched wheat flour, barley flour, artichokes, garlic, vital wheat gluten, malt, sugar, parmesan cheese, vinegar, olive oil, veg shortening, veg. oil, soy oil, Italian spices, salt, yeast, corn meal, dough conditioner